Privacy Policy

The following is our privacy policy of the website These are the general guidelines to inform you about what we do on this website. This policy is subject to change without notice. The policy may be updated after the policy has been changed to reflect the most current privacy policy.

Notice when data is being collected

Data will be collected when you enter you information in on a form or if you login using a third party login facility such as facebook. Data will also be collected if you comment on a blog or social media site. Further if you purchase or donate anything information will also be collected. Further downloading items or viewing certain pages of the site may also cause some information to be collected.

Purpose of data collected

We will collect data to send email notifications of news, major changes to the website, or product related offers associated with this website. From time to time We might also also do joint ventures with other firms or websites to cross promote members from our list.

Security of the data we collect

We will attempt to protect your data as much as possible. However it is always possible that our systems may be cyber-attacked. However since we are not collecting and storing credit card number, or social security numbers, the risk to you is limited.